About Spectra Laboratories

Spectra Laboratories is a full service analytical laboratory striving to provide the highest quality environmental analytical services to both the public and private sectors. We offer reasonable prices with prompt turnaround time. Our amazing team of staff is composed of experienced chemists, microbiologists, and laboratory professionals with years of analytical experience. Spectra Laboratories is certified by the Washington State Department of Ecology as an accredited laboratory following a strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program. Contact us today for more information.

Personalized Service
Fast and Accurate Results
Experienced Personnel
Full Service Laboratory
Competitive Fees

Our services

Environmental Water

Stormwater, surface water, ground water, wastewater, monitoring wells, freshwater, marine water, brackish water

Drinking Water

Public water systems, private well owners, school districts, and anyone concerned with drinking water quality.

Soils and Solids

Industrial, residential, commercial, construction. Testing for contamination, inorganics, organics, paint chips, aggregate (sand, soil, etc.), biosolids


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