Oil Analysis/Predictive Maintenance

Why Oil Analysis?

Oil Analysis is the basis of a predictive maintenance program for an engine, transmission, or gearbox. By monitoring the oil, its condition and the presence of contaminants, an oil analysis user can anticipate problems, monitor engine wear, and initiate a repair before problems become catastrophic.

Programs are designed to meet both the routine and special analysis requirements of diesel, gasoline, or natural gas equipment. In addition, we analyze lubrication oil for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, hydraulics, and gearboxes. Specialized analyses are available for marine, railroad, and aircraft.

Findings are presented in a report format that is easily understood. We recommend periodic monitoring in order to interpret the amount of wear each unit is experiencing. Results from one sample to the next are trended to identify the presence and degree of contaminants or wear levels.

Basic Oil Analysis


  • Wear metals
  • Viscosity
  • FTIR (water %, Glycol, Fuel dilution, soot)

Advanced Oil Analysis


  • Includes Basic Analysis plus additive metals
  • Total Base Number
  • Total Acid Number

Supplemental Tests

  • Water by Karl Fischer (ppm) $25
  • Particle Count (ISO, NAS) $30
  • Kinematic Viscosity $30

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