Drinking Water Containers And Holding Times

ParameterSample VolumeContainer SizePreservativeHolding Time
Chloride50ml250ml HDPENone Required28 Days
Color50ml250ml HDPECool 4º  C48 Hours
Cyanide500ml500ml HDPENaOH, Cool 4º  C14 Days
Drinking Water, Primary Inorganics1250ml1-250ml HNO 3 ,      1-500ml NaOH,        1-500ml Non Pres.Cool 4º  C48 hrs
Drinking Water, Primary and Secondary Inorganics1750ml1-250ml HNO 3 ,      1-500ml NaOH,        2-500ml Non Pres.Cool 4º  C48 hrs
Drinking water, Bacteria100mlBacteria BottleNa 2 S 2 O 3  Cool 4º  C30 hrs
Fluoride300ml500ml HDPENone Required28 Days
Hardness 100ml250ml HDPEHNO 36 Months
Mercury by Cold Vapor100ml250ml HDPEHNO 328 Days
Metals (ICP, GFAA)100ml250ml HDPEHNO 36 Months
Nitrate (NO 3 )100ml250ml HDPECool 4º  C48 hrs
Nitrite (NO 2 )50ml250ml HDPECool 4º  C48 hrs
Solids,Total Dissolved100ml500ml HDPECool 4º  C7 Days
Sulfate100ml250ml HDPECool 4º  C28 Days
Turbidity100ml250ml HDPECool 4º  C48 hrs

It is important that you read through the sampling instructions for each group of tests completely, please contact us for a copy if you do not have one.


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